Lisbon Lives started in 2016, one year after I moved to Lisbon with my Portuguese partner Andreia, and our son Leo, now 4. My background is in teaching philosophy and English as a foreign language. But in Lisbon I have also developed a passion for history! I spent months researching Lisbon’s history, in books in several languages, in Lisbon’s local libraries, and by talking to locals. I was amazed at how rich Lisbon’s past is: centuries of Roman and Arab occupation, Christian reconquest, a golden age of exploration, Europe’s biggest earthquake, and longest dictatorship! The history of Lisbon is the history of the world. Then I spent weeks designing each of the four tours I offer. I hope you enjoy them!

Peter Coville

(Image: Vasco da Gama meets the King of Calicut, India in 1498, as depicted by Veloso Salgado, 1898).