Call it tourism, call it travel: visiting other countries should be about so much more than “seeing the sights”. If you go home unchanged you haven’t really travelled. My tours will help you to return home enriched by the experience of Lisbon and the story of its people. You will hear stories of the lives of the ordinary and extraordinary people who made this great city, hence the name Lisbon Lives. But it’s not just about Lisbon or Portugal – this is a city and a country that changed the course of world history and helped bring about the world we live in today. To understand Lisbon and its past helps us to understand today’s globalised world.

Peter Coville

Some customer reviews:

“Peter was a great guide, really knowledgeable and passionate about Lisbon. We felt we really got to understand the history of Lisbon and were introduced to a huge amount of interesting sights that would not have been covered on the mass tours that herd around the city.” Steve Tomkinson

“Peter made history come alive”. Rolf, Germany

“A fine tour, lively, enlightenening, surprising, clear and beautifully delivered. A great introduction to the city” Eppie, Israel

“Peter’s knowledge of the city & its history is first rate & he provided us with a personal tour that we will not forget” Deborah, England

“It was a lovely 1.5 hours in his company as we wound our way through the old streets of Lisbon, hearing wonderful tales of the city and visiting areas that we would not have otherwise seen or known about.” Nix Prabhu

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